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    We are closed for the spring semester.

    We look forward to seeing you in September!

  • CQH Trivia - Thursdays @ 8PM
  • Interested in Performing at CQH?

    Contact us at events.cqh@gmail.edu

  • Interested in hosting student events at CQH?

    Contact events.cqh@gmail.com for more info about how College student organizations can host private events on Saturdays at CQH!

Cambridge Queen's Head Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Cambridge Queen's Head to help build community on campus by providing for the undergraduates of Harvard College:

  1. A dedicated social space;
  2. A performance venue for student acts and other undergraduate-initiated programming;
  3. Reasonably priced food and drink served at hours in tune with undergraduate schedules;
  4. Leadership and learning experiences in the running of a campus business; and
  5. A means by which to connect undergraduates to College traditions and the Harvard spirit.

To that end:

  • Food and drink service must serve to complement a comfortable and relaxed environment. Students must feel comfortable dropping in at the CQH at all times, regardless of any desire to a purchase or view a performance.
  • CQH must strive to build a broad sense of Harvard Community (inclusive of graduate students, teaching fellows, faculty, staff, and alumni) though never at the expense of the undergraduate identity of the space.
  • CQH must look and feel student-run. Undergraduates- overseen and supported by the General Manager and Graduate Managers- provide staffing, management, and programmatic decision-making.
  • Sales, catering, and facility rental should be secondary and used as necessary to advancing the CQH mission through:
    • Reinvesting of excess revenue into facility up-keep and improvements, subsidizing food costs, and supporting programming;
    • Providing management and business experience to the student staff; and
    • Furthering a sense of campus community, College traditions, and Harvard spirit.

The Cambridge Queen's Head operates as a part of Harvard College's Dean of Students Office.

Hours of Operation

We are closed for the spring semester.

Please contact kim_smith@harvard.edu if you have any questions about CQH.