What is a bartender's role?

Bartenders provide the necessary beverage service at any student event where alcohol is present. They are TIPS-trained personnel with experience serving beer and wine. They are also trained for standard mixology. All alcohol purchased by student groups or HoCos must be transferred to SES Beverage Servers before the beginning of the event and transferred back to Student Social Hosts at the end.

Bartenders will also verify the age of guests requesting beverage service to ensure all guests drinking alcoholic beverages are age 21 or over. Harvard College requires both a standard state ID and a Harvard ID for the reception of alcholic beverages at any event hosted by student groups or HoCos.

The number of Bartenders required at an event hosted by a student organization or HoCo will depend on the number of guests expected, the event space, and the number of bars placed at the event. These details will be set during the event planning stage. Please contact JR Bagley for more details on student group event planning, if you are required to have an SES team present, Amy will submit the request for you. Bartenders are also certified crowd managers for the State of Massachusetts