What is an Event Supervisor's role?

Event Supervisors help coordinate the various aspects of event management in conjunction with Student Social Hosts, providing a crucial role of oversight as these leaders gain event management experience. They act as representatives of the Harvard College Office of Student Life at events.

All Event Supervisors have completed the Crowd Manager Certification for the State of Massachusetts and serve as certified crowd managers when required by the nature of the event and its venue.  Event Supervisors aid students in navigating any College policy related to student events, promote communication among all event staff, advise on crowd management, and help organize any necessary emergency response at events, among other duties.

One or more Event Supervisors may be assigned to student events at the request of student leaders or the Office of Student Life, but an Event Supervisor is not required for all student events. An Event Supervisor will likely be necessary for any large-scale events hosted by student organizations.